ACTIFEND v1.2 for WordPress released!

We are changing the web security game in your favor. The days of passive, blind defense are over. Discover the power of sight with ActiFend Web Security Platform.

Signs that you're using Blind Defense

You know very little about your adversaries. What you do know is not used in your defense.

Your protection includes millions of attack signatures, of which you may face only one or two.

Your adversaries are launching a new attack variant every few seconds. Those signatures are not included in your protection.

You can't see who attacked you and what they used against you. But you hope your defenses protect you.

Signs of Sight-Enabled Active Defense

See who your attackers are and defend actively

Respond in real time to increase protection or recover quickly

Pre-empt potential attackers by learning about their attack styles

Tune your defense to fight real attacks in current use, instead of decades old malware no one uses.

The ActiFend Web Security Platform, is built upon enterprise class web security principles – deployed in the cloud as a shared resource and made available to everyone at affordable prices. It combines the power of a full SIEM tool along with Incident Response collaboration capabilities that will help your defenses stay relevant well into the future.