Powerful Security for WordPress

Automatically detect & block attacks with 24x7 security monitoring.
Recover from hacks & ransomware with one-click from your mobile phone.

What's NEW in ActiFend v1.3.7 (since v1.3.1)

User is notified when server permissions restrict full restore

Added out-of-the-box support for most WordPress hosting services

Added clarity on the use of email + a better highlighted opt-in

Enhanced robustness (fixed some rarely occuring errors)

How does ActiFend help secure your website?

Monitor your website uptime, traffic trends and more

Use advanced analytics to detect & block attackers

Get periodic vulnerability checks to stay ahead of attackers

Get advice from security experts on how to fix any problems

The ActiFend Web Security Platform is built upon enterprise class web security technology.
Deployed in the cloud and made available to everyone at affordable prices.
It helps your defenses stay relevant well into the future.